It’s time for the next generation to have a seat at our City Council.

A majority on our city council have sat there for well over a decade. As someone born and raised in Victoria, I know we can do better. We need new blood and fresh perspectives. Cities work best when their citizens are represented by a diverse group of elected officials, meaning a diversity of opinions, backgrounds, and perspectives.

While we may have an old reputation for being the “Newly Wed & Nearly Dead,” it does not properly reflect the demographics of the vibrant community in which we live today. This need for new blood and diverse representation, coupled with the need for change, is why I have decided to run for Victoria City Council. My generation was raised being told that it will be our responsibility to deal with issues like decaying city infrastructure, the growing debt, the lack of affordable housing, and climate change. Well I say, let us start to deal with them.

We can no longer be the “leaders of tomorrow.”

We must be the leaders of today, because the issues cannot wait.

Victoria is my city and I know we need City Councillors looking towards the future. I am the candidate who will be living here half a century from now, dealing with the long term consequences of every decision City Council makes today.

I am not running to preach, I’m running to represent you, and that means listening. This summer I will be knocking on doors and speaking with residents, business owners, community associations, and other stakeholders across the city. This campaign isn’t about me, it’s about breathing new life into a council that hasn’t made a bold decision in years. It is about having someone who truly wants to represent Victorians in the most direct and democratic way possible. If you have a problem, be it a major infrastructure complaint, or simply the lack of a stop sign at the end of your street, I want to hear about it, and I want to help.

This November we get to elect 8 City Councillors. If you agree that we need fresh perspectives on Council then make sure you cast one of your votes for Andrew J. Reeve. I can guarantee that no other candidate has the time, energy, and passionate dedication to work harder for you and our city than I do.

Let me represent you on Victoria City Council, and together we can both serve the present and build a prosperous future for our city for generations to come.

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As your candidate I cannot do this alone. Running a successful campaign requires time, money, and volunteers. This is a grassroots campaign up against incumbents who raised as much as $28,000 last election. Anything you do to help will make a difference. Just $10 can buy pamphlets or envelopes for canvassing and mail outs. Donations & volunteers are needed and all are welcomed.