David Anderson, PC OC (Queens Privy Council for Canada & Order of Canada)
Former Environment Minister & Member of Parliament for Victoria, 1993-2006

“Victoria needs diversity on its city council, and a greatly under-represented group is young people. Andrew J. Reeve is both young and energetic. You can vote for eight councillors–use one of them for Andrew!”

Michael Geoghegan
Political Analyst & Commentator, CTV News

“Andrew Reeve will provide a much-needed breath of fresh air to our community that for too long has stagnated under Victoria’s stale political establishment.”

John Vickers
Executive Director, Victoria Buskers Festival & Victoria Chalk Art Festival

“Andrew Reeve will be a great representative for our community, and for a younger generation, on Victoria city council.”

Rob Reid
Local Business Owner, FrontRunners Footwear

“It is so important to see youthful candidates with real substance like Andrew running for community service in our City. We need to both adapt, and create a viable alternative to the same ways of thinking to bring about a thriving city. Candidates like Andrew offer a hopeful chance to bring real time change.”

Paul Brown
2011 Mayoral Candidate, Victoria

“I endorse Andrew Reeve as an excellent candidate for Victoria City Council. I have known Andrew for the past two years. I am impressed with his commitment to improving our City. He will bring insight along with a determination to make informed and meaningful decisions that put our City’s needs first and foremost. We need more candidates like Andrew on Council for our City to reach its potential.”

Stephen Hampton
Wildlife Conservationist & Political Strategist

“I highly encourage you to vote Andrew Reeve to city council. Not only is Andrew one of the hardest working guys I know, he is one of the most principled and committed people I know and Victoria would be lucky to have him.”

Paul Summerville
Fmr. Chief Economist, Royal Bank of Canada Dominion

“I have known Andrew for four years. His deep interest in public service for the betterment of the community impressed me from our first meeting. Andrew has a firm grasp on local issues and understands what needs to get done to make Victoria a better place to live. Among other things he has pushed for evidence-based policy making, fiscal and environmental responsibility, as well as greater municipal transparency and accountability. I believe his vision and energy is exactly what’s required at the council table.”

Kayleigh Erickson
Board of Governors, University of Victoria

“Andrew will make a terrific City Councillor. His love for Victoria and passion for politics and creating positive change make him an ideal candidate. I have met very few people in my life who are as dedicated and enthusiastic as Andrew is when he sets his mind to something. He would be a great asset to our city on council and I really look forward to seeing all that he will accomplish for Victoria.”