So a 22 year old just received 4,336 votes in a Victoria municipal election which saw all 6 incumbent councillors re-elected. I’d say that is pretty impressive, especially considering I was not endorsed by the local union or NDP (as many of the victors were) and ran my own campaign with limited volunteers. Thank you to everyone who donated their time or money to this effort. This would not have been possible without all of your support.

I’ve been told time and time again that my campaign “surprised” people. That is the polite way of people somewhat acknowledging their prejudice towards youth. At least I apparently performed well under the heavy scrutiny and hopefully this encourages other young people to step up and put their names forward in the future. I still strongly believe we need younger representation on city council. I am thrilled at the sheer number of Victorians under the age of 30 who I was able to get out to vote for change and involve in the political process for what was the first time for many. Let us all continue on with this and push for higher voter turnout and engagement from all age demographics!