After missing last month’s panel due to work commitments, I was back on the John, Paul + Mic show last week as us pundits reunited to talk about the campaign ahead of the Globe & Mail Debate.
In this episode we discussed the following:
  • Canadian Economy & Deficits
  • NDP/Liberal Platforms
  • The NDP-Green ‘Civil War’ in Victoria
  • Debate Forecast
The panel was:
  • Sheldon Kitzul (Member of the NDP)
  • Bruce Hallsor (Conservative Activist, Managing Partner at Crease Harman LLP)
  • Andrew Reeve (Riding President, Liberal Party of Canada – Victoria)
  • Paul Holmes (Doing his best to bring up Green perspectives in Sonia’s absence)
If you have 48 minutes to kill, click here to listen to the panel.