I am proud to be endorsed by many people who I respect and admire including former candidates from every major federal party. It’s not about being left or right, it’s about positive politics. Together let’s put an end to the divisiveness, and focus on what we all have in common, a shared desire for a better Victoria.

Jo-Ann Roberts
2015 Federal Green Party Candidate, Victoria
Former CBC Radio Host

“I know from our work together at Threshold Housing that Andrew cares deeply about making sure everyone in Victoria has a chance to succeed. He loves this city. We may not always agree politically, but I respect his hard work, his intelligence, and his willingness to be open to new ideas. I think he would be an asset to City Council.”

David Anderson, PC OC (Queens Privy Council for Canada & Order of Canada)
Former Environment Minister & Member of Parliament for Victoria, 1993-2006

“Victoria needs diversity on its city council, and a greatly under-represented group is young people. Andrew Reeve is both young and energetic. You can vote for eight councillors–use one of them for Andrew!”

Paul Summerville
Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria
Former Chief Economist, Royal Bank of Canada Dominion
20006 Federal NDP Candidate

“I have known Andrew for eight years. His deep interest in public service for the betterment of the community impressed me from our first meeting. Andrew has a firm grasp on local issues and understands what needs to get done to make Victoria a better place to live. Among other things he has pushed for evidence-based policy making, fiscal and environmental responsibility, as well as greater municipal transparency and accountability. I believe his vision and energy is exactly what’s required at the Council table.”|

Dr. Andrew Weaver
BC Green Party Leader & MLA

“I’ve known Andrew Reeve for over 5 years and am convinced that his hard work, passion, and commitment to the community would be a valuable asset to City Council. It’s vital that decision-makers think about the long-term consequences of their decisions and Andrew brings an important youth perspective in this regard. He has the vision and personal investment in the future to tackle the long-term challenges our society will face.”

Howard Markson
Award-Winning CHEK TV Broadcaster & Media Consultant

“Andrew’s deep understanding of local issues and impressive work ethic would make him a real asset to Victoria serving on our City Council. His desire to give back to the community is sincere. His fresh perspective would be a welcome new presence at the decision-making table.”

Helen Smith
Former Chair, Centennial Infant and Child Centre

“I am very pleased to endorse Andrew Reeve’s decision to continue public service as a municipal councillor in the city of Victoria. I have had the privilege of working with Andrew on a Not-For-Profit board which he has chaired with distinction. He is creative, disciplined, an effective communicator and wise beyond his years. Victoria will be well served by Andrew Reeve on city council.”

Tony Heemskerk
Board of Directors, Amalgamation Yes

“I have known Andrew for at least ten years. He has been active his community and in politics. He is willing to put in the effort required and the sacrifices necessary to service the public. He would be an excellent member of Council for Victoria. I am pleased to be asked to support his candidacy.”

Paul Brown
2011 Runner-Up Mayoral Candidate, Victoria

“I endorse Andrew Reeve as an excellent candidate for Victoria City Council. I have known Andrew for the past six years. I am impressed with his commitment to improving our City. He will bring insight along with a determination to make informed and meaningful decisions that put our City’s needs first and foremost. We need more candidates like Andrew on Council for our City to reach its potential.”

Stephen Hampton
Wildlife Conservationist & Political Strategist

“I highly encourage you to vote Andrew Reeve to city council. Not only is Andrew one of the hardest working guys I know, he is one of the most principled and committed people I know and Victoria would be lucky to have him.”

Tim Kane
Co-Founder & Chairman, Delta Media Inc.

“I love it when smart, young people with an agenda for making things better get into politics. Yet it’s when they stand for election that really demonstrates their commitment to public service. Andrew Reeve is such a man. He is active virtually everyday in the community he loves, and now he wants to do more. As a city councillor in Victoria, I know that Andrew’s success will come from his determination to make Victoria and our region better for all.”

Aaron Hall
Victoria Realtor

“Andrew is a tenacious young man looking to offer us some strong public service through his dedication to the Democratic Process. I have had a wonderful time working with Andrew on few volunteer projects in the City and he has always proved to be a valuable asset. I firmly believe we would be lucky to have his energy and direction represented in our municipal council and encourage you to take time to learn more about him.”

John Vickers
Former Executive Director, Victoria Buskers Festival & Victoria Chalk Art Festival

“Andrew Reeve will be a great representative for our community, and for a younger generation, on Victoria City Council.”

Dennis Anholt
Board Member, Canadian College of Performing Arts
Past Chair, Our Place Society

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew in politics as well as on the Board of Directors of Threshold Housing Society. His passion for the city of Victoria, dedication and work ethic, makes him an ideal candidate for city council.”

Luke Krayenhoff
2015 Federal Liberal Candidate, Cowichan-Malahat-Langford

“I am very impressed with Andrew’s knowledge of political issues and his work ethic. I believe he will make a great member of Victoria City Council!”

Shari Lukens
2015 Federal Conservative Candidate, Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke

“Andrew is passionate about his city (Victoria) and democracy. He has contributed in many ways including various campaigns. While we may not always agree on our politics, I respect his views, effort, and commitment to becoming a voice for an under represented presence on Victoria City Council. You can vote for eight councillors – make Andrew one of them!