About Andrew


Andrew J. Reeve was born and raised in Victoria, with roots in several of the Capital Region municipalities. Despite a history of community service and involvement in Victoria, Saanich, and Esquimalt, it was not until 2011 when his passion for progress and positive change merged with his interest in politics. That year, Reeve’s work with Statistics Canada gave him the unique opportunity to interact with countless communities and individuals in Greater Victoria. It became clear to him that Victoria, a proud and world-class capital city, was beginning to lag behind and that there was a desire for change. This inspired Andrew to get involved with several advocacy and political organizations such as Open Victoria, Amalgamation Yes, Threshold Housing Society, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

In 2013, Reeve became a Senior Fellow at CJPAC, the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, the Vice President of the Liberal Party of Canada in Victoria, and a Director on the executive board of Amalgamation Yes. He also served as a political pundit on CBC Radio’s Victoria-based program, All Points West.

By 2014, after a five month stint as Interim President, Reeve was unanimously elected to the position of President of the Federal Liberals in Victoria, making him the second youngest Liberal riding President in the country. He also sat on the British Columbia Federal Liberal Council as Council Secretary.

Reeve announced his candidacy for Victoria City Council on July 15th, 2014 and began to campaign later that Summer. His platform focused on four major planks: “Fiscal Management & Accountability,” “Downtown Revitalization,” “Government Transparency,” and “Infrastructure & Environmental Investments.” His candidacy was quickly endorsed by many prominent Victorians including Former MP & Environment Minister David Anderson, local business owner & philanthropist Rob Reid, 2011 Mayoral Candidate Paul Brown, and former RBC Chief Economist Paul Summerville. On the November 15th election day, Reeve received 4,336 votes, just 2.66% of the vote shy of winning a seat.

Starting in January of 2015, Reeve took a position at the Trust for Sustainable Development, where he now serves as the development firm’s Head of Communications & Government Relations. On July 22nd, 2015 Reeve announced that, after serving two years as Liberal President, he would not be running for re-election at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

In June of 2016, Reeve joined the Board of Directors for the Threshold Housing Society, a local organization that provides at-risk youth with transitional housing and life skills in an effort to prevent homelessness in the region.

Andrew Reeve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History from the University of Victoria.

Aside from politics and the community, Reeve is an avid writer, Canucks fan, movie-buff, and a life-long skier.

For more information visit Andrew J. Reeve on LinkedIn.


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