I’ve been very clear since the start of my campaign for Victoria city council that I am not going to endorse any candidate for Mayor. City council is a job that requires collaboration and compromise amongst a diverse group of individuals at the table, including the Mayor. It is for that reason I believe that council candidates who get seriously involved in the mayoral race are doing so to the detriment of the community. Politics can often get personal and it is best not to burn your bridges, especially when you don’t know who will be sitting in the Mayor’s chair. We’re all in this together for the next four years.

Despite my principled refusal to endorse, I have been pleasantly surprised by the support and encouragement I have received by those running for the city’s top job, knowing full well I would not come out and endorse them. Ida Chong has been incredibly supportive and her team has been helpful since day one. Her plan focuses on the very issues I have been talking about since the summer start of my campaign. She personally attended my October fundraiser and donated to my campaign. Stephen Andrew also attended my fundraiser, and has been very supportive in raising my profile in the city. While I may be well known in political circles, Reeve is not a household name. Stephen Andrew mentioned me in his announcement speech and has continued to name-drop me in numerous radio interviews. Lisa Helps has also been quite helpful in this regard, by often tweeting about me and bringing attention to the important need for some younger representation on council. Everyone has been kind and always willing to talk at the various events we’ve all attended together over the past several weeks of the election.

The fact that in the midst of a tense battle for the Mayor’s chair, leading candidates have taken the time to support me (in public and in private) is something I never expected but genuinely appreciate. It is certainly the “Victoria Way” of doing things!

So with one week to go until the election, I’d like to sincerely thank you all.


– Andrew J. Reeve